Covid-19 - The Inn & Mazatlan

This year has been a disaster for the World since the invasion of Covid-19. It has turned the world and its people up side-down.. We have been in Lock Down, Quarantined, and we feel threatened.

I'm writing this page on how we see the situation from the ground floor here at the Inn in Mazatlan. Dottie and I were so bored living in our little cocoon, that we ventured out and came to Mazatlan on December 14th. We will share with you how we see Mexico coping, and particularly how the Inn has prepared and is operating in this environment.

Let us start with a Christmas Greeting, Feliz Navidad, from the lobby of the Inn. This scene is waiting to greet you, as soon as you step into the Lobby. BUT before getting in the front door, you wipe your feet on a sterilized mat, then your temperature is taken and you are given an abundant amount of hand sterilizer. You, of course are wearing a face mask as is all the staff at the Inn

Feliz Navidad

Arthuro Lopez is now the manager of the Front Desk, as Monica Tirado has retired. You'll note the plaster board behind the desk, as there is some rather extensive remodeling taking place. We'll relate that to you a little later.

Manuel Soria Garcia, General Manager of the, Inn has done a marvelous job in securing the Inn to maintain a safe environment for your safety and security. We first noticed the face Masks, the placement of Social Distancing placards on the floor and then the hand sanitizer. But gone are the warm handshakes and hugs we are accustom to receiving. In their place is the elbow and fist bumping, however, the SMILES and TWINKLING EYES remain the same.

You can see the twinkle is both their faces, and her eyes are a mystic blue.

Maria, El Bandida

One great aspect is that Maria Estrada, our Go To Lady, now offices in the lobby near the front door. She is photographed with her Official Covid Mask.

Then, I took this photo without her mask, so that you too could enjoy her million dollar smile.

Mary is on duty at the switch board wating to help you. She is also located in the Lobby.

At every elevator station on each floor are sanitizer dispensers and precautions notices. The Inn is running a Covid conscious, but class operation.

As you enter the garden patio, the look is new and the Inca outside glass elevator is fully operational.

I rode the elevator to the 8th floor, and that ride was smooth as glass. Plus the views are fantastic. I'll share with you the views as we passed each floor.

Elevator views from the first floor, second, and third floors.

Views from the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors.

Views for the seventh and eight floors as well as looking back to the Azteca Tower.

I mentioned that there is extensive remodeling going on in the main tower. We understand that an exclusive Italian Restraurant and a Sushi Bar is being added on the third floor level along with a Guest exercise room; all for your consideration and use.

The Christmas setting is also wonderful, as you enter into the courtyard and garden area.

The Room Model on display for the New Tower, which seems to have been postponed, is now the Barber Shop and the Spa.

I asked Miguel, our Barber, to pose for this photo and purposely had him remove his mask. He has an infectious smile, you would appreciate. But a word of caution, when you get a hair cut expect him to be wearing his Covid Mask. You'll notice in the reflected mirrowed background, that the receptionist is wearing her mask.

The Girll and Pizza oven.

This Pizza Oven is quite impressive. It is a brick domed oven, and you'll notice the live flame in the oven which one can see when the door is open. By the way the Pizza is excellent, just as you would expect.

Luis, pictured above, is the manager of food services and is most proud of the addition of this facility to the Papagayo Restaurant.

The bar has been relocated and now allows direct outside access from the pool areas.

But even before entering the dining area Luis will be checking your Temperature and giving you a dose of sterilizer. The Inn is taking Covid -19, and more especially your health concerns, seriously.

Tortilla Soup anyone, and I promise you'll be delighted. Or if not how about Shrimp.

For the most part, Week 49 is a quiet time at the Inn, but regardless I captured these photos of activities being enjoyed by Guests at the Inn.

Heads up. The Dart Game is about to begin, and these are the rules!

Now that we understand the rules, Let's get this game ON!

The throw and then the scoring. It was a close call on the bullseye and required two to check the board.

Ladies may be first, but then the Professional show us how it is done. If you look carefully you'll see the darts in midair.

Family relaxing time on vacation.

A scene you've seen a million times, but this is Eye Candy to we Travelers in Mexico.

Our Home in Mexico --- The Inn at Mazatlan

Merry Christmas from the shores of the Pacific in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Norman & Dottie