These are your Kids at the El Conchi School, where you are Air Conditioning their Class Rooms.


Barry & Alli Sparrow & family - Alberta, Mo Kalesnik-OK,
Bryan Muzyka & family-Saskatchewan, Dottie Ribble-NM, Mary William-CA

These are Owners from the Inn who took the morning and went to the El Conchi School to tell the Children of your donation of the two Air Conditioners. The A/C's were given in the name of The Owners at the Inn at Mazatlan. This picture was taken on the 5th of January, and those A/C units were welcomed RAT THEN!

My Friends, There is a difference in the temperature on the beach with the ocean breezes that we enjoy; and compared to the temperatures inside the City, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! 

This trip was a thrilling experience. The young students were happy, smiling, appreciative, and so attentive. What a heartwarming and fantastic experience.

Their School year runs from Mid August to the end of June.  It's 36° Celsius in MZT today, and that is 94°; now factor in the 89% humidity.

Those kids need air conditioning.  Let's keep this project going, until we complete air conditioning in the (6) remaining class rooms.

23-Sep John Melia Albuquerque $30.00
24-Sep Jim & Debbie Grant Edmonds, WA $25.00
27-Sep Don & Joanne Nelson Fort Wayne, Id $25.00
29-Oct Norman & Dottie Ribble Elephant Butte $50.00
20-Nov Jim & Judy Dahl Dodge City, MN $40.00
26-Nov John & Jean Hodges Boulder Co. $40.00
26-Nov Larry & Connie Catlett Las Vegas, NV $50.00
28-Nov Andrew Morrow Albuquerque $25.00
5-Dec Dave & Debb Braheny Vallejo, CA $25.00
6-Dec Carl & Lannis Sorensen Wellsville, YT $25.00
6-Dec Riley Schaeffer Bloomington $50.00
10-Dec Jacqueline O'Sullivan Ketchikan, AK $20.00
5-Jan Larry & Mo Kaleznik Ardomore, OK $50.00
5-Jan Bryan Muzyka Saskatchewan $40.00
5-Jan Barry & Alli Sparrow Edmonton, CN $150.00
5-Jan Bob & Marilyn Steuben La Crescenta, Ca $40.00
5-Jan Rich & Mary Williams Winters, CA $50.00
5-Jan Anonymous    Owners  $145.00