Fundrasing for Maria Estrada's operation.

** UPDATE 6/16/2014**

What a Tremendous Response!

Maria is now staying with her Daughter and is receiving Chemotherapy treatments. She is very positive and handling her situation very well. We have delivered over $5,700.00 of your donations to Maria to date and the balance is in process.

Every penny that you have sent is or has been sent to Maria.

Maria Estrada is the Director of Vacation Ownership Guest Services, and she is in a very serious heath battle. She was recently diagnosed with cancer of the colon. She has already had, one operation, and is now at home recuperating for a second surgery. I am told that Robert Barnes has arranged for Maria to be treated at a private hospital for the second procedure.

Maria has been at the Inn of Mazatlan for over 24 years. We first remember her as the lady who was calling Wednesday evening bingo. And for your reservations she has always been that 'Go To Lady'.

This last year when the Inn closed its Reservations and Guests Services office in Salt Lake City, this responsibility was given to Maria. This was a tough transition but one she handled Oh! so smoothly by Maria. Her wonderful attitude is transmitted through her delightful voice and her radiant smile.

Maria has been there for us, the Owners, and now she needs our support. Foremost, may we remember Maria in our prayers.

Too, she is in need of financial assistance, and to that end we are appealing to the Timeshare Owners and Guests of the Inn.

I received an email from Elaine Hoffmann this afternoon and immediately contacted Mary Williams. She was able to call Mazatlan and confirmed Maria's situation.

Being our Owner communication network is almost immediate, we have established the Maria Estrada Wellness Fund to offer you the opportunity to help Maria. It has been said that the Inn is also starting to raising funds for Maria and you may be contacted by them for you assistance. We will coordinate our efforts with theirs so they are complementary. The benevolence is for Maria regardless of the vehicle.

You may mail in your contributions by check or you may go online and contribute to "Maria's Estrada's Wellness Fund" with your credit card.

Maria Estrada's Wellness Fund
4/24 Norm & Dottie Ribble T or C, NM 100.00
4/23 Rich & Mary Williams Winters, CA 200.00
4/24 John Mill White Stone, VA 100.00
4/24 Larry & Connie Catlett Las Vegas, NV 100.00
4/24 Chip & Mary Plomteaux Las Vegas, NV 100.00
4/24 Rein Lemberg Lincoln, Ca 200.00
4/24 Mike & Jean Murphy Penn Valley, CA 100.00
4/24 Lloyd & Lucille Gardner Alburn WA 50.00
4/24 Maebi Richards Albuquerque, NM 50.00
4/24 Jim & Judy Dahl Dodge City MN 100.00
4/24 Nancy Shuttleworth Lincoln, CA 100.00
4/24 Leonard & Joan Barnhart Fife, WA 100.00
4/24 Milo & Sally Braich Portland, OR 200.00
4/24 Tim & Carey Struch Namaimo, BC 250.00
4/24 Rick & Mary Ann Johnson Waseca, MN 100.00
4/24 Jim & Debbie Grant Edmonds, WA 50.00
4/24 Jacqueline O'Sullivan Ketchikan, AK 50.00
4/24 Wesley Armeneau Edmonton, AB 100.00
4/24 Peggy Green Mukiteo, WA 100.00
4/25 Jack & Kayla Sanford Omaha, NE 100.00
4/25 Patti Fredricks Livermore, CA 100.00
4/25 Elaine Hoffmann Whittier, CA 100.00
4/25 Charles & Judy Morgan Poulsbo, WA 150.00
4/25 John & Connie Hill Highland, MI 100.00
4/25 Stanely & Leoan Cleanere Lincoln, CA 50.00
4/25 David Maraden Erie, PA 50.00
4/26 Chris Hales Orem, UT 50.00
4/27 Ron &n Peggy Henning Tacoma, WA 300.00
4/27 Myra & Jerry Nammack Whittier, CA 100.00
4/28 Linnea & Eleanor Turnquist DeWiton, AB 100.00
4/29 Don & Debbie Cassier Downers grove, IL 100.00
4/20 Lilia Xocihua Damascus, OR 100.00
4/29 Bob & Marilyn Steuben Ld Crescenta, Ca 100.00
4/30 John & Amy Melia Albuquerque, NM 100.00
4/30 Jerry & Sandy Owens Savage, MN 100.00
5/1 Clarence & Trish Verveda Alex, AB 100.00
5/2 Jill Kraakmo Edmons, WA 100.00
5/2 Joel & Dolores Johnson Kirtland, WA 100.00
5/6 Larry & Eleanor Matz Regina, SK 50.00
5/6` Gary & Jolene Reif Salt Lake City, UT 100.00
5/9 Kim and Judy Rodgers Abbotsford, BC 200.00
5/10 Barry & Ali Sparrow Edmonton, AB 500.00
5/11 Deborah Lantz Healdsburg, CA 200.00
5/12 Henry & Dorothy Grenesko Buffington SC 100.00
5/13 Howard Mitchell Palm Desert, CA 100.00
5/14 Judith Patterson Portland, OR 50.00
5/16 Basil Haydon Cabri SK 200.00
5/18 George & Mary Atashkarian Moraga, CA 100.00
5/31 Rebecca MCCarty Marrieta, CA 50.00
6/1 Tom Vanhese Santa Fe, NM 50.00
6/1 Dennis Dahlstrom Chehalis, WA 75.00
6/11 Carl & Barbara Dufek Muskego, WI 50.00
6/17 Jean Van Horn Bend, OR 500.00
6/23 Randy Case & Family Colorado Springs 500.00
6/24 Don & Jannette Nauta Galgary AB 250.00
6/25 Tom Brooke Poulsbo, WA 50.00
6/26 Dale & Carol St Ores New Richman, WI 100.00
8/11 Kevin & Margo Wheeler Colusa, CA 50.00

Total now given to Maria is $7,425.00

Thank you,

Norm Ribble
Web Team