Owners - Samaritan Fund 2013

Hey look here, we haven't started on this years drive and today we received a donation from John Melia for $50.00. This is the thrid year in a row that John has contributed to the Samaritan Fund. John, it is Owners like you that make this job of the Webmaster such a thrill. Thank You.


Owners - Samaritan Fund 2012


Our Goal for Last December was to provide Air Conditioners for Three Class Rooms at
El Conchi Elementary School
La Escuela Primaria

This is the link for our vivist the school on January 9th, 2014

Great News .... We Made It!

Samaritan Fund 2012
Date  Owner  City  Donation
7-Jul Larry & Connie Catlett Las Vegas, NV $100.00
7-Jul Jerdlyn & Al Eisenberg Albuquerque $25.00
9-Jul Don & Debbie Cassier Downers Grove $100.00
1-Nov Jacquelin O'Sullivan Ketchikan, AK $25.00
1-Nov David Braheny Vallejo, CA $25.00
1-Nov Jack Sanford Omaha, NE $50.00
1-Nov Charlie & Julie Morgan Poulsbo, WA $100.00
I Nov Steve & Molly Morgan Poulsbo, WA $100.00
1-Nov Clarence & Tris Verveda Alix, Alberta $100.00
1-Nov Linda Troy $25.00
1-Nov Margaret Ann Sansone McKean, PA $50.00
2-Dec John Melia Albuquerque $40.00
5-Dec Norm & Dottie Ribble Elephant Butte $50.00
5-Dec Rich & Mary Williams Winters, CA $250.00
10-Dec Tim & Carey Sturch Nanaimo  BC   $50.00
29-Dec Barry & Ali Sparrow Edmonton, AB $200.00
29-Dec Larry & Mo Kalesnik Ardmor,  OK $50.00
29-Dec Bob & Wendy Edmonton, AB $200.00