The Samaritan Project for the last 3 years has been to Air Condition the Primacy School in the El Conchi Community of Mazatlan

We still have a ways to go in finishing this project. I reported to you in the February News Flash that we experienced some infrastructure problems this last year, which necessitated in spending some $1.880.00 of our funding installing the proper wiring and electrical panels to handle the (7) air conditioners.

By the end of this year, 2014, we would hope to have completed this project. We'll strive to add the remaining two air conditioners. Also repay our Angels for the extra A/C unit they funded and we installed in January Inn. Too, we have offered to furnish the paint in a joint project with the parents of the Children at the School to repaint the classrooms on the campus.

Whew this is a big bite! But one that We Together Can Handle!

This is an appeal to all Owners At The Inn, to continue with this Good Neighbor Project for our adopted friends of Mazatlán.

Our Goal for 2014 is $3,00.00, and we already have a great start, thanks to the Cassiers, the Dahls and Diane Gobel.

Samaritan Fund 2014
18-Jan Don & Debbie Cassier Donners Grove, IL 100.00
20-Jan Jim & Judy Dahl Dodge City, MN 25.00
25-Jan Daine Gobel Chicago, IL 50.00
30-Jan David & Sue Benson 250.00
5-Mar Chip & Mary Plomteaux Las Vegas, NV 200.00
7-Mar Mike & Linda Dorn Coronado. CA 800.00
10-Mar Miguel & Linda Colon Tacoma, WA 100.00


Date Line: March 7th

Look right here at these Samaritans Mike and Linda Dorn called and they advised us of their check was in the mail to cover the cost of paint that we had committed for the School. The Williams had made the arrangements for 15 gallons of paint to be delivered to the School and this weekend the Parents are organized and proceeding with the joint venture of the paining project. Thank you Mike and Linda.

We ask that you consider being a Samaritan in 2014 by sending your contribution:

To:    Mary Williams
PO Box 546
Winter, CA 95694

Or, you can still send me your check or pay it by credit card on PayPal on the Web Site. I'll forward your donations to Mary.

Please make your checks out to us as INDIVIDUALS.   We have problems depositing checks made in the name of the Good Samaritan Fund or the Owners at the Inn.

Norman Ribble
PO Box 897
Elephant Butte, NM 87935

Link to the Pictures of the January Visit

I just have to include two of my favorite pictures from our January Visit. These smiles are too precious to be buried away!