The Samaritan Project over the last several years has been to help at the Primacy School in the El Conchi Community of Mazatlan

The last 4 years we have successfully air conditioned all the Class Rooms. Too, we discovered in the middle of the project that the electrical infrastructure was not sufficient to carry the demand the addition of the AC units. This caused us a years delay, but we have now we have not only installed the AC units but also rewired the electrical system to handle them.

We also joint ventured with the Parents of the school to paint the out side walls. We furnished the paint and the Parents did the wall scraping and applied the paint.

The School installed a covered patio with a concrete pad between the classrooms. Prior to this the students were exposed to the weather elements of rain and sun, and they were playing in the dirt. The only problem was that the school only had money to place the concrete decking on 2/3rds of the area.

We elected to complete this project and place the fill required and then pour the concrete deck to give the kids a finished project.

In this first photo please notice the level of the walk in the middle right; and if you look at the right of the backhoe, you'll understand the ground slope we are dealing with. The fill will cover the column foundation you see at the backhoe bucket. That is alot of fill dirt.




Now you can see the footing and the retaining wall, which is over 6 foot.

Retining Wall

Retaining Wall

The retaining wall is now completed, and the students have stairs to the play ground.

This is the top view, and the deck is now usable by the students.

It is time to paint and make this look fantastic.


Here is the El Conchi School, as it looked the day before Thanksgiving.

Retaining Wall

The Graduation Ceromonies were held under the covered patio for the first time, being that the concrete decking had been completed. Now they are able to also utilize the area for Physical Education Classes.

The School recognized Patrica Bustamante, whom we know as Patti, Eilas Lizarraga's wife, for her introduction of the School to the Owners at the Inn at Mazatlan.

Patti Eilas


We, Owners at the Inn, had two great Samaritan's Owners advance the funds to make this a reality. Pictured with the Kids are our Samaritans, Rich Williams and Mike Dorn.

Mike & Rich

Rich and Mary Williams fronted the funds to accomplish this Concrete Deck Extension of $7,000.00 plus. After completion Mike and Linda Dorn immediately contributed $3,000.00 to help, and then Rich, Mary and Amanda Williams donated a $1,000.00. This leaves the balance of some $3,000.00 for we other Owners, and our 2015 Samaritan Project for our chosen Community of Mazatlan.

The above picture was taken in January of 2013; and neither of them have missed a visit in the 4 years we have made our pilgrimage to visit the school. These children grab you by your heart.

We'll make another visit to the School in January, just as soon as school commences after the Holidays. We welcome you to go with us and promise you a heart warming experience.

Now is your opportunity to help on this Samaritan Project, and you can contribute by your credit card and PayPal; or you can mail us a check. 100% of what you give goes to the Samaritan Project!

Samaritan Fund 2015
10/11/14 Patti Fredricks Livermore CA $100.00
12/18/14 Don & Debbie Cassier Downers Grove IL $100.00
1/1/15 Rich, Mary & Amanda Williams Winters CA $1,000.00
3/16/15 Jackie White Spokane WA $100.00
8/1/15 Mike & Linda Dorn Coronado CA $3,000.00
11/30/15 Norman & Dottie Ribble Elephant Butte NM $100.00
12/2/15 Carson, Leeann & Kylee Ribble Hudson CO $200.00
12/2/15 Jean Hodges Blulder Co $100.00
12/5/15 James & Renee Hall St Louis MO $50.00
12/5/15 Jim & Judy Dahl Dodge Center MN $75.00
12/28/15 Larry & Mo Kalesnik Ardmore OK $100.00
12/29/15 John & Amy Melia Albuquerque NM $25.00
1/5/16 John & Connie Hill Highland Rd MI $150.00
2/12/16 Charles & Judy Morgan Poulsbo WA $100.00

Thank you for your consideration and for your benevolence.

You may also just mail your check to one of us, but if you do please make it out to us as Individualls. We have had problems depsiting cecks made in the name of the Samaritan Fund or the Owners at the Inn.

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