e> Scam Three to Owners at the Inn # 3

Scams that Owners have Experienced at the Inn.

Scam Numero Tres

You receive a phone call from a Company in Mexico offering you an enormousness amount of money for your week at the Inn. You've probably received several of these offers, and I can recall some twenty or so. Here is a follow up on one that I purposely played their game just to see if I might determine the scam.

The phone rings:

Norm: Hello,

Salesman: Mr. Ribble we would like to purchase your contract at the Inn at Mazatlan, and are in a position to offer you $45,000.00 for your 1Br suite. Does this amount of money on your investment have an interest to you?

Norm: Certainly, (I 'm thinking we only paid $10,000 or $15,000 or $20,000 for that week and we have used it for 10 years, Man oh Man $45,000 is a ridiculous offer, so let’s play with this a little)

Salesman: Mr. Ribble we have clients who need your week and they have immediate cash to buy your suite.

Norm: How do I know this is not a scam and why should we trust you?

Salesman: Mr. Ribble we would not offer you this kind of money unless we know what we are doing and represent people who have money. You have nothing to risk. We sell it and you et cash and you have no financial exposure.

Norm: Are you a Real Estate Company or are you offering to buy my timeshare?

Salesman: Yes, I am a Realtor, but I have clients who have money. My commission will be deducted at the closing so my 10% commission would be paid then.

Norm: (thinking, 10% is legitimate and it come at closing so I haven't any upfront money and they are going to give 9 or 10 times what the real value is so why not look farther?)

Norm: I need to see some documentation that you are a legit-met company and that your offer is what you say it is.

Salesman: Certainty let me send it to you, so please give me your address and I'll send you the agreement.

Norm: If you have my phone number and know I own at the Inn why do you need my mailing address?

Salesman: We want to verify that our documentation is correct and that you are really whom you indicate that you are.

Norm: Well OK my address is ...............(thinking what the heck is this now I'm proving to him I am who he thinks I am, somehow the Ba..... changed the game now I'm the one in question?)

Then I receive the package in the mail and it comes from a Real Estate Co in Sinaloa, and the documentation is exactly as the Salesman represented and I can't find the hooker. Being frank this sound too good to be true, but the documentation is excellent. Too, included is a Fed Exp envelope addressed to a Mexican Notary in Mexico City with the postage prepaid for the return of the signed document.

The Salesman is back on the phone a few days later: Mr Ribble have you received the documentation?

Norm: Yes,

Salesman: It is as I told you it would be?

Norm: Yes,

Salesman: Are you ready to get the $45,000 less my commission?

Norm: I think so as it sounds good to me.

Salesman: Bravo and we'll both do good on this sale, so here is what we need to do. you need to sign this listing agreement and your contract from the Inn, having your signature notarized and insert both in the envelope I've sent you and mail it to the Notary, and he explains the Notary is Mexico is the same as a US title company.

He explains that the Notary will confirm our Ownership and will have the Contract in escrow for closing. He also explains that the Notary will handle all money with the disbursements to both us and to his Real Estate Company. Reassuring me several times that he will never see any of the proceeds until after the closing and the Notary issues the funds. The Notary would wire transfer funds to my bank or Fed Exp a Cashier’s Check to us.

Norm: (thinking. Wow this is a sweet deal, and I'll shortly have some $40,000 in the bank!)

Then the Reality Bell goes off: Alert Alert this is one slick Scam. I send my signed contract to as address in Mexico to a Notary whom I don't know and my assurance is from a person representing himself to be a Mexican Realtor, also whom I don't know. Hey I've just mail the Contract of ownership to my timeshare for nothing. Then other bells start going off; Where did this Salesman get my ownership information and where did he get my phone number? This information is only available from the Inn's records. Someone has comprised their data base, and considering the change of personnel and the change of ownership this is highly reasonable.

Glory to Bessy that dangling carrot of $40,000 was neat. Slick Willie had my appetite so wet that my greed was dreaming of where we might spend that $40,000.00. Darned if I didn't almost fell into his scam net.

This is a true and as curate as I can remember. Long story short, as in the end we shredded his documents and we are still happy using our time at the Inn.

This subject as appeared several times this last year on our Facebook pages and that is causing me to tell of our personal experience


Norm Ribble

PS The day I wrote this we got two calls with an offer to purchase our Inn Contract. First they called Dottie on here cell and she hung up, and bingo they called again only this time to my cell number.