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Scams that Owners have Experienced at the Inn.

Scams Numero Dos

You receive a phone call from a Company in Mexico offering you an enormous amount of money for your week at the Inn. You've probably already received several of these offers, and I can recall some twenty or so.

The phone rings: ........ And sure enough it is another call from a Company in Mexico wanting to purchase your timeshare

This subject has appeared several times this last year on our Facebook pages, and I would like to relate two stories from Owners who have fallen into this scam trap.

Colorado: An Owner called asking about listing her unit for sale on the Owners Website. She was confused as it is advertised that the listing would be free. No cost to her, she being as Owner and No cost to the buyer. She was very frank asking where is the hitch?

I explained that the Owners Website is owned by all Owners at the Inn and maintained by their financial support, so there is no charge to any Owner for listing a property for Rent or for Sale. She accepted my explanation, but I could feel her watchful eye looking right at me looking for the Hooker in this deal. I explained that she had to Register as an Owner at the Inn on the web site with her name, email, mailing address, a phone number and the unit she owned. She was expecting a lot more of her personal information than this, and again the eagle eye was watching.

We listed her unit under For Sale; and I helped her access the Owners website, where she could verify that all was correct and no secrets were withheld. I told her of our Facebook Private Group, and she asked to join that too. Her listing price was very reasonable; and in about three weeks she received an inquiry, that a couple of months later led to the sale of her unit.

After she received her first inquiry, she explained why she was so Leary of a listing that was FREE. It seems that two years previously, she had received a call from a Timeshare Sales organization; and she later listed her timeshare with them. The listed sales price was about twice what she expected to receive, and she was excited to think of earning a profit. The listing cost her $1,250.00 for a full year, with a promise of a refund depending on the length of time the listing was on their website before sale. There would be no sales commission, just the listing cost. She checked and sure enough the Company had a nice website, and her listing was displayed.

Time passed, and she never received any communication on her listing; that is until about a month before the years listing expired. The sales pitch this time was that they now had a direct email program to over 50,000 Timeshare customers, and her second years listing would include this monthly direct email plus the website listing. This added service cost more, but being she was a returning customer; the second years listing fee would be discounted $500.00 and her discounted cost would be reduced to $1,750.00. Reluctantly she paid the second years listing fee. Long Story, again 12 months later she still hadn't sold her unit, but now she had $3,000.00 less in her bank account.

After her explanation I understood why she had such an Eagle Eye on our site regardless of any explanation. The sale of units is not the strongest point of our website and rentals are far more successful, so it was very satisfying to see this Owner sell her unit on the Owners Website.

Second scam but this time from Seattle Washington June 2019

A long time Owner at the Inn, we will call her Seattle, received a call from Golden Midwest to purchase a Timeshare property of theirs at the Mayan Place. Rosa Torres, the sales representative, delivered the pitch and stated that at this time that they had in hand an agreement with a buyer to purchase 40 weeks at the Mayan Place. They only needed three more weeks to complete the deal. They offered Seattle $30,000.00 for her week. Seattle wasn't that interested, but she did enjoy visiting with the very personable Rosa.

As week later Rosa was back on the phone. They were now only two units short of the number needed, and they upped the price to $41,000.00. Rosa and Seattle were now close friends; and Rosa had related that she was pregnant and her commission on the deal was rather urgent, as she would soon be in delivery. Then the listing fee was discussed, and this was to be $2,000.00; but Rosa reminded Seattle that she had been able to secure the higher selling price, and so the $2,000 commission was not really costing Seattle anything.

Long Story but Seattle and her husband decided to let Rosa handle the deal, so they mailed Rosa Torres at Golden Midwest their check for $2,000.00.

Golden Midwest Group Brokers LLC
Real Estate Broker
(312) 248-7553
Toll Free: 1888-296-4671
Fax:1 (312) 284-1628

Then a couple of weeks later the phone rings again, only this time it is not Rosa. She is on maturity leave, but Golden West now needs $2,500.00 to cover the closing cost. Seattle and her husband recognized that they have been scammed out of $2,000.00. They told Golden West, that they were not paying anymore fees and expressed their disappointment on Rosa's misleading them.

They were contacted three more times, first by management and then by Golden West's attorney. The attorney stated that by refusing to send the money for the closing costs, they were responsible for Golden Midwest loosing the deal. Furthermore, if they didn't proceed and pay the closing costs plus attorney fees, then Golden Midwest would be suing them.

The phone calls persisted until Seattle just stopped answering. The saga played out over a period of about 6 months.

Seattle did send me the sales contract that Golden Midwest had provided. It was signed by Rosa Torres but not by Seattle and her husband.

Norm Ribble

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