e> Scams to Owners at the Inn

Scams that Owners have Experienced at the Inn.

I don't really want to to relate to you these three Scams, that Owners at The Inn have confided to me.
But as an Owner you need to know of these frauds!

'The Headline' should be BEWARE!

There are Crooks out there, and they want some of OUR MONEY. They'll promise, they'll lie and they'll cheat. Nothing is off limits to them getting into your Pocket Book. In College we used the expression, "I'll marry you Saturday for a Honeymoon Tonight," but at least our objective was honest. The Scam-mer’s agenda is completely hidden; in fact it is so sugar coated, you don't know you are being scammed!

The latest is and we'll call this Case Numbero Uno:

I placed an alert on our Facebook page on March 1st, as in this very successful scam of a perpetrator using my name and photograph in working the victim, an Owner at the Inn.  She assumed the scam-mer to be Norman Ribble whom she trusted. This trap cost her signifincantly.

Numero Dos:

This is actually two stories of two different Owners at The Inn responding to one of these purchase pitches. The first is from an Owner in Colorado, the second is from an Owner in Washington, and this one is really recent as it started just this past June, 2019 and played out its hand in December.

Numero Tres:

I wanted to test the water on these calls of Mexican Companies wanting to buy my Inn Timeshare at exhorbant prices. I have set this story, as if it were the phone call and follow up that I received. The facts are real and true, and you can judge for yourselves

All three have one common thread.

Owners they want Our Money! ....................... Scams looking for Owners at The Inn


Norm Ribbe