Web Site Cost and Financial Disclosure

In the 10 years the we have authored our own Website 500 Rental and Sales transactions have been competed. These sales and rentals were all deals made between the Owner and the Renter and or Buyer. 

Not one complaint has been voiced over any of these 500 transactions.

What a positive statement this is for the Owners at the Inn.

"The Inn - Where Class Meets Class"!

Our Vision is 20/20 for 2020

We are changing the domain name of the Owners Website to a shorter name and maybe help you remember the name. OWNERS At The INN.... www.ownersattheinn.com

We wanted to empowered GoDaddy.com to improve our visibility on the search engines such as Google. Our Goal is to keep your website up with the technology of today. BUT the cost proposal to compete with Expedia and Booking was far beyond our financial resources. Consequently YOU the Owner must be our advocates. It is your Website - You, the Owners at the Inn are the Salesforce.!

The Web Sites function is to act as the platform advertising and exposing an Owners available unit/s to the Public and to other Owners through the World Wide Web. 

You, the Owners are the Sales Team. You make the Deal! The Web Site is just one of your tools. One that has no cost associated with any rental or sale, neither to the Buyer or to the Seller. 

We can boldly proclaim "The Owners Web Site" is an asset to your owing your Timeshare at The Inn !

Financial 2019

Web Expenses and Donations - 2020
Date Vendor Explanation Amount
2009~ 2019 Expenses 4726.52
2009 ~ 2018 Donations  5345.00
January 1, 2020 Kitty balance forward 618.48
Expenses Adobe  Software 252.17
Go Daddy Ownersattheinn.com New domain 10yrs 275.60
Go Daddy ownersattheinn.com 5 yrs Hosting 1127.00
Go Daddy ownersattheinn.com Security 2 yrs  255.99
USPS & Red River Mailing, printing and postage 110.00
Donations 2020
25-Jan Doug & Julie Wagstaff Heber City, UT  100.00
14-Mar Lilia Xochihua & Alden Lewis  Damascus. OR 100.00
15-Mar Tom & Marianne Brooke Poulsbo, WA 50.00
16-Mar Lynn Stockman Carmel, CA 25.00
10-May Dan & Susan Fielden Calgary, CN 20.00
1-Jun Sherri Hoffman Los Angles, CA 50.00
1-Jun Ronald & Peggy Henning Tacoma, WA 100.00
1-Jun Mike & Jean Murphy Penn Valley, CA 100.00
1-Jun Mark & Lori Gehrman Lake Havasu City, AZ 25.00
1-Jun Doug & Patrice Kuerschner Hollister, CA 100.00
1-Jun James & Renee Hall St Louis, MO 50.00
1-Jun Patti Fredricks, Derrick & Monica   Livermore, CA 100.00
1-Jun David & Toni Elllison Anchorage, AK 30.00
1-Jun John &  Amy Melia Albuquerque, NM 25.00
1-Jun Jack & Karla Standford Omaha, NE 100.00
1-Jun Larry & Connie Catlett Las Vegas, NV 100.00
1-Jun James & Denette Peffers Newberg, OR 50.00
1-Jun Ronald  & Janeen Eastwood Des Moines, IA 20.00
1-Jun Nick & Peggy Sansone McKean, PA 25.00
2-Jun Kevin, Margo and Mathew Wheeler Colusa, CA 100.00
2-Jun Bob Tyson & Ken  Saxton Lubbock, TX 35.00
2-Jun Deb Donnelly, & Kevin Fisher Wallnut Creek, CA 150.00
2-Jun Chris Hales Orem, UT 25.00
2-Jun Charles & Judy Morgan Poulsbo, WA 50.00
2-Jun Athur & Mary Anstine Parker, CO 100.00
4-Jun Carl & Barbara Dufek Muskego, WI 35.00
4-Jun Willard & Kathy Kowalczuk Harmony, PA 75.00
4 Jum Jim & Debbie Grant Edmonds, WA 50.00
6-Jun Elaine Hoffman Whittier, CA 100.00
6-Jun Ken & Sally  Lobb Windsor, CA 100.00
7-Jun Craig Campbell Oceanside, CA 150.00
12-Jun Suzie Smith Anchorage, AK 100.00
17-Jun Larry Kimble & Pam Hopkins 50.00
22-Jun Stanley & Leona Cleaner Lincoln, CA 20.00



Today's  Web Kitty $907.72


You can donate with you credit card throuh PayPal or you can mail me a check to the address below.

Norman Ribble
PO Box 897
Elephant Butte, NM 87935

Complete Financial records for all years of operation are available upon request from any Registered Owner.