Areas of Interest for Owners at The Inn

Interval Calendar is your weekly calendar given you by the Inn. "The Green" sheet with week numbers and date by year. This Online version is much easier to read, and you can remember where it is. :)

Owner Registration on the website and enrollment to receive the Owner News Flashes. Registration is required to enable an Owner to post listings offering rental or sale properties. The registration information is minimal, and it stored on the webmaster computer. This information is not shared with anyone.

Website Disciplines are the rules governing the permission on the website

Submittal's will assist you in submitting your information on offerings of For Rent and For Sale listings.

Web Financial s are a complete discloser on the cost of operating this site, and the credit to those Owners whose donations have made this site possible.

Guest Services it a link to the Operations at The Inn and contact information with the Staff at the Inn. Also the schedule on Maintenance Fees is located there as well as current issues of the Que Pasa published by the Inn.

Samaritan Projects is a complete listing of the Owners philanthropic projects in Mazatlan.

Contact: How you can contact the webmaster and submit you questions.

Yes, we Owners now have our on Facebook page. You'll find the link as "Owners At The Inn" We established this link when an Owner reported renting her week on Facebook. Why not this is just another avenue available to us as a great commutation tool for we Owners at the Inn. We do our business on the website and our social blog on Facebook.

Join us and enjoy the Owners and Guest on Facebook.