OMG...I have an offer to Rent or Sell my Suite.
Now what the heck do I do? 

As Webmaster of this site this is a repeated question that I receive from Owners. So I will relate to you how we have handled both the rental and the sale of some of our weeks.

I am not a lawyer and these comments are not instructions on how to handle your dealings. These comment are how we have handled our transactions.


In our rentals after we have made the Deal, price and time, etc then I contact Guest Services with the Reservation Request.

Guest Services handles the rental of weeks (guest usage) by phone and email. Our practice is to email Anais Gil, supervisor of Guest Services, requesting the transfer to our guest. In this email we submit our

1. Contract Number,
2. Dates,
3. Week number,
4. Suite number if applicable.
5. email address of guest,
6. in the request we ask Anais to copy us on the issuance of the Confirmation.

If I haven't an answer from Anais in two or three days then I call. There are two toll free numbers

US: (866) 921-2137‬

Canada: (888) 956-6529‬

When we receive our copy of the emailed confirmation then I request our Renter to mail us their personal check. This is simple and it works for us. Other Owners probably use different methods of making reservations and payment details, so ask someone else in development of your method.


This is a different animal and we are probably talking a greater exposure, considering funds transfer, and handling the Title Transfer Fee.

In this case I am relating the experience of dealing with a stranger that we did not know. We had week for sale and from the listing on the Owners Web Site received a call from a gentleman in Chicago. He offer to pay our asking price, and asked that I send the Title to his attorney in Chicago who had the funds in escrow for payment. I was leery of sending an endorsed Title to his attorney or for that matter any attorney, especially in Chicago

I approached a local Title and Escrow Company and for $125.00 they would handle the transaction. I returned with this information to the Buyer and emailed him the Escrow agreement to sign, and offered to absorb 1/2 the $125.00 Escrow Fee. This prospect never answered any communication after that point. The Ole adage of following one's "Gut Feeling" works most of the time. 

We have successfully used this arrangement on the sale of this property in a later deal. It was clean and both parties were protected under the umbrella of the Title Escrow Company. 


1) The Title must be signed and notarized by both parties. Then forward to the Inn's Guest Services for reissue. 

2) Note that many options that a Owner may have paid for are not transferable. i.e. Acceleration, Prepaid Maintenance Fees, etc. If you have these amenities be certain that they are transferable prior the sale.

2) Ownership Expiration Date: if you have accelerated then your expiation date may not be 2039.

3) There are suggestions on the mailing of the Title, and these are shown on the Guest Service's Office page:

I hope this may be of assistance to you, and we welcome any other suggestions that you might want to share with all Owners. The rental and sales system is somewhat fool proof and to my knowledge in the 6 years of the web assisting Owners in making rental and sale transactions, we have NOT ONE COMPLAINT. 

WOW! What a Statement on Ethics of the Owners at the Inn.