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Submittal of Listings

You agree to the "Terms of Listing" with the request for placement of your listing.

Terms of Listing:

1) You will inform the Webmaster, upon making rental or sale, and if the web listing generated the deal.

2) In order to keep the web site current, all listings will be considered expired and deleted on December 31st.
If the listing party wants the listing to continue they must advise the Webmaster prior to year end.

Information need to place a Listing.

1) You must be registered on the Owners Website.

2) Email the Webmaster: web@ownersattheinn.com

Rental Listings This is not an interactive form, you must email this information to the webmaster.

a. Name of contact
b. Suite number
c. Week number, Floating, or Points
d. Calendar dates of the listing
d. Rental price
f. Phone contact

Sale Listings

a. Name of contact
b. Suite number
c. Week number, Floating, or Points
d. Expiration date of Ownership
e. Status of Maintenance Fees
f. Sales price
g. Transfer Fees included. not included, or split?
h. Phone contact

. Description: You may add description to your listing, but only if it is specific to your unit.

i.e. Generic items such kitchen, baths etc. is covered in the Pictures and Description, which is a part of your listing.

Please submit by Email to: web@ownersattheinn.com

Negotiations and Communications are directly between the Buyer and the Seller.

This Web Site makes no representation of the accuracy of the information in your listing.